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Treadmill reviews 2015–Buyer’s Guide

treadmill reviews

treadmill reviews 2015


If you wish to improve your stamina and overall health – not to mention get rid of unwanted body fat – treadmills can be very useful for you. You can have this equipment at home to get a good workout. With treadmills, there is a major advantage in the fact that you can easily use it at home without any difficulties. There is much to consider whole choosing a treadmill, or any exercise equipment for that matter. Many people think about the price factor first of all, but there are several things to take into consideration when you are trying to pick a good treadmill for you. Going by treadmill reviews, you can understand that the following factors should be at the top of your priority list.


Motor and horsepower should not be ignored while looking for a good treadmill. Always go for a treadmill that has a heavy duty feature and comes with a minimum of 1.5 horsepower. With good quality, you can ensure that you get to use the equipment for a long time.

StabilityFolding Treadmill

You should also ensure that your treadmill is able to operate without jerking, shaking and other hassles. Always attempt to use these prior to ensuring that you enjoy comfort with it. You should also ensure that you are buying one with arm rests secure enough to support your body weight. Always go for treadmills which can operate in a smooth manner.

Belt and Bed

Belt and Bed should also be vital considerations while buying a treadmill. With all treadmills you can find friction building up between the belt and the bed, which is the surface beneath the belt. The friction is what results in major hassles in most cases. If you want to get a treadmill with minimal hassles, get one with has a lower coefficient of drag between its belt and the surface underneath. The belt should consists of a 4-ply using a polyester weave of high density underneath which can offer lower friction and wear out less.


You also need to compare the motor. While you are reading the motor rating, take a look at the manner in which the rating is done. The maximum hp is what a lot of manufacturers tend to rate. The peak hp refers to the rate in which a treadmill would fail. If you take a look at the ratings which are rated in horsepower of continuous duty, you can have a better understanding of the capability of the treadmill.


As treadmill reviews will tell you, you should look for a treadmill with has a tread belt that can be smooth while use and not noisy and jerky. This will depend on how well the belt has been pre-lubricated. The best belt needs only minimal maintenance. You should only try to keep it free enough from dust and dirt to have it operational for a long while.


You should also go for treadmills with the maximum features so that you feel motivated and determined with your weight loss objectives. You should consider the workouts and incline that the equipment is capable of. It is a good idea to have water holder and pulse monitor in the equipment to make your workouts easier and make monitoring of its progress more convenient. Simply ensure that you will utilize these features to make full use of your treadmill.

Size and surface

Another vital factor is the surface area of the belt of your treadmill. Its width typically varies in the 16″ to 22″ range while its length tends to vary in the 45″ to 60″ range. While choosing a treadmill for your own use, you need to consider your needs and your height. You should ideally get a treadmill with a minimum of 54″ long and 20″ broad belt, if you have long legs and would want to use the equipment for running. You should avoid narrow belts as they offer an extremely restricted space, even for the purpose of simply walking.

Shock absorption

The shock absorption has no bearing on the treadmill itself, although it is of great importance for your own protection and comfort. Your joints can suffer damage while running on a pavement, sidewalk or any similarly hard surface. The same holds true for the harder belts to be found in many treadmills. Built-in shock absorption items, such as a floating deck, are the ideal ways to safeguard your joints while you are exercising on a treadmill.

Built-in applications

Built-in software programs can be found in the best treadmills. These are nothing but physical exercise programs which can control the position, length and speed of your treadmill. Once these are triggered along with an internet connection and a pre- programmed credit card, your cardio vascular training will actually get a huge boost.


With higher incline of the belt, the running or walking surface can be increased. Your workouts are made more impactful with a higher incline, and you can burn calories and build muscles. Look for a machine consisting of varied adjustable incline options.


It is important for you to look for a treadmill with a longer warranty period, so that it does not break down before time. Fitness treadmills generally come with a 6 – 12 month warranty period, depending on the manufacturer. But the best ones come with an additional lifetime program agreement. The more the actual warranty period, the better it can be for you.


Although taking a look at the bed, the belt and the rollers can give you some idea, it is best to go through the BEST treadmill reviews written by experts and professionals to know about the best treadmills to be found today on the market.


Last but not the least; you should consider the price of the equipment. You need to look for a treadmill that is within your budget. Treadmills come with varied price tags and it will be a sensible decision for you not to go for one that does not go over your budget. Here is the Best Treadmill Reviews 2015



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